Class 8 English : Essay | Narrative Essay (CBSE, NCERT)

so hey guys in today’s class we are going to learn about narrative essays so what are the rate of essays well the key word here is the word narration so basically the narrative essays is a story written about personal experiences and since it’s a story about a personal experience it’s always written in first person so when I say first-person I mean we use the pronoun I because it’s my personal experience that’s why I would use the first person I sometimes authors do use he or she but mostly when writing on the rate of essay we should use the first person that is I because it’s a personal experience it’s my story and lastly whatever events we are describing in the essay they need to be in a sequence so if I am telling you about my experience at the vegetable market then it should start with you know probably me leaving the house getting into the car then reaching the vegetable market buying some vegetables and getting back home so events in a sequence so these are the three things that one must keep in mind when we talk about or when we learn about narrative essays so what makes a narrative essays so interesting and why are people interested in a good narrative why but before we answer this question or get to this question let’s let’s identify what consists of a good narrative essay so here we have two sentences I am sad it’s I am sad let’s look at the second sentence I just knew I was going to cry I felt what tears fill my eyes and I couldn’t control the quiver of my bottom lip so what’s the difference between the first sentence and the second sentence they are both are saying or expressing that the person or I am sad but in the first person we are just telling the reader so we are telling you and in the second statement we are showing the reader and not telling so this you’re sure don’t tell is the golden rule of writing a very good narrative so when we say show don’t tell what I mean is that we have to focus on the five senses of the reader so I’m just going to write it here focus on the senses focus on their five senses so what I mean by show and don’t tell is that we should make the readers experience what we have written so we should take them to a land which is our land through the words that we write and they have to focus or hit the five senses of the wheel that is they should be able to feel what we are feeling see what we are seeing smell what we are smelling so we should create an experience for for them and that is a good innovative essay when we show the reader what we are trying to say and not just tell them and we focus on their five senses so these are this is the golden rule well this is something that you almost always remember just remember these two things here show don’t tell and focus on five senses so we know what a good narrative essay consists of now let’s move on to why people are interested in writing a good narrative essay that’s because the first thing is the rate of essays are pretty entertaining so so they can be funny they can be sad they can take you through a whole emotional rollercoaster and that is the second reason why people are so interested in a good narrative essay because there is an emotional connect I would say that the readers feel so if you know I would about something if I wrote about scoring low marks in exams and then proving myself in the next exam by scoring high marks then if that’s something that you have been through – then there is an instinct so we have connected over the story that I have written and that is why people are so interested in the rate of essays or should I say good or great narrative essays because they are interesting they are entertaining they are engaging and most importantly there is an emotional connect between the reader and the writer so I hope y’all have understood what on the rate of essay is a narrative essay is basically a story written about one’s personal experience and normally narrative’ essays are written in the first person I or if you’re talking about you and someone else then you can use the we which is the first person again just remember this Golden Rule here you all must show and not tell what I mean by that is through your words y’all should make the readers experience what you’re going through and your and you’ll do that by focusing on there are five senses so that’s it that what that is what a narrative essay is all about let’s move on to the next type of essay


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